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Welcome to CondoFran Franchises
CondoFran Franchises are Conversion Service Providers that specialize in the converting of low and middle income properties into affordable condominiums. There are two turn-key conversion franchises in the system, one for residential properties and another for commercial properties. CondoFran™ employs a Live-In Condominium Investment Model which let apartment building owners convert a section at a time, thereby keeping existing tenants who want to buy.
This model use is unlike the one used on high-end condo conversion projects, where existing tenants are evicted from the property, when the upgrade is complete the developer seeks new buyers.
Dual-Unit Franchising
Dual-unit franchising will fast become the preferred method of territory expansion. Today more than 50% of all franchises sold are sold through multi-unit franchise development organizations that use these two methods of expansion. More…
overview workshops & seminars

CondoFran™ sponsors overview workshops and seminars for individuals who need additional information on training and want to provide goods and services to condo conversion projects in local markets. More…

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