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Dual-Unit Franchising
In the fast pace global marketplace Certified Business Models and Franchises are the new starting point for individuals who want to own their own business. The world’s markets are too large to open a single franchise one at a time. The only alternative left to business owners who want to achieve national and international market saturation in their lifetime are through the establishment of a Dual or Multi Unit Franchise System.

Dual-Unit Franchise Agreement

The Dual-Unit Franchise Agreement provides area development groups with a new type of franchise expansion opportunity. A Dual-Unit Franchise Agreement, grants a franchisee the rights to open two franchise systems within a particular area in a predetermined period of time. How big or small the franchisee would like to be, is restricted only by the type of agreement they negotiate with CondoFran ™. In the days when the cookie cutter franchise model was prominent, you could never own a similar company, in the United States. Therefore, entrepreneurs and other who want to use the global marketplace to grow business venture dual-unit franchising should be their first option.

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