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Franchise Territory Development opportunities
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Franchise Territory Development oppurtunities
CondoFran ™ Dual Unit Franchise Systems are made up of two types of condo conversion franchises, one for residential properties and another for commercial properties. Franchisees that purchase the exclusive rights to open both franchises will have overlapping territories. Additionally, they receive the marketing rights to develop AdverMailer ™ Direct Market Mailers and the Affordable Condominium & Apartment Sales and Rental Guide in their market areas which will be defined by zip codes. This provides the Dual-Unit Franchisee with a unique territory and a one-of-a-kind market reach.

Affordable Condominium Mailer - The Affordable Condominium & Apartment Mailer is mailed to rental apartment buildings, traditional renters and private owners of apartment complexes. The Affordable Condominium & Apartment Mailers are multi-inserted mailings that are mailed in quantities from 10,000 to 100,000. This is a business-to-consumer mailer that is mailed to areas where no authorized franchise outlets are. Each condo conversion project yield between 50 – 1,000 new condo owners, therefore they will need new products and services such as maintenance & repair and other home accessories.

Quality Maintenance Mailer - The AdverMailer™ – Quality Maintenance Mailer is compiled for maintenance service providers who offer such services as; renovation and repair services to condominium apartment owners. Companies that provide quality maintenance services use these mailings to promote their products and services in the network. This mailer is part of an advance marketing program that is supported by Independent & Major Service Providers. They are mass mailed to condo owners and private home owners in zip codes where CondoFran™ has either built or renovated buildings. The Quality Maintenance Mailer is a multi-inserted mailer that is mailed in quantities from 10,000 to 25,000.

Sales and Rental Guide

The Affordable Condominium & Apartment Sales and Rental Guide is used to showcase condominiums and apartment complexes listings in local areas and small towns. There will be a major print publication for affordable condominiums and apartments in all large metropolitan areas. The Sales and Rental Guide is a publication that highlights condo properties for sell and apartment building that are seeking renters before they are converted. It also offers special listings for Live-In Investment Condominiums and apartment buildings that accommodate Priority Renters. Priority Renters are individuals who have qualified for membership in the Condominium Apartment Consortium Association (CACA) but have not financially qualified to buy a condo unit yet. Sales and Rental Guides are circulated to renters and to potential first time home buyers who are tired of paying high-rent. The Affordable Condominiums & Apartments Sales and Rental Guide target current apartment dwellers and first time home buyers.
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