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Priority Bid Right Program
Condo Conversion has finally reached low and middle class apartment buildings, once converted these condos will be the last source of affordable housing in the private sector. The CondoFran of Maryland, LLC is a Conversion Service Provider for owners of apartment buildings, shopping centers office buildings and other properties that can be converted into "Affordable Condos".

CondoFran ™ seek Major Service Providers that offer: quality products & services for use on Condo Conversion Projects in local markets. The service providers we seek, can supply quality goods & services that can be used in multitenant  building construction and upgrades, including renovations, mortgage financing, real estate sales, repairs & maintenance, carpet installations, brick masonry, roofing, kitchen appliances, furniture, windows, electric supplies, plumbing services and any other services necessary to convert 50 to 1000 unit complexes into residential and business condos.

Member companies are invited to participate in our advance marketing campaigns, special events, and direct marketing campaigns. Major Service Providers who qualify for membership in our Priority Bid Right Program are designated to an area defined by zip codes. This makes them eligible to bid on Condo Conversion Projects when they are identified and before outside bids are sought!
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